About Black Sheep Bot

Here you will learn everything about history of Black Sheep

Black sheep was earlier a private discord bot developed only for one server and it served only 4 commands that were play, stop, skip and queue, But then the only 2 to 3 members in my discord server (now Black Sheep official server) asked me to allow them to add it to their server, I said ok so I made it public, but then some more people added it for some odd reason and it reached 6 servers, I was dancing with joy and happiness !

Then I added lyrics and loop command and also removed the limit of song which means people can also add 10 hours song in queue, and gained 10 servers in matter of 4 days, I was so happy.

So I decided to add more commands everyday and also started advertising my bot using dm's to friends and partners. It reached about 40 servers till May mid 2020, Then at somedate(replace this)th of may, my bot really blew up, and i added 10+ commands in a single day.

As soon I added 10+ commands in single day, My bot blew up and reached 70 servers till june starting In june starting I applied my bot for top.gg but my bot stopped growing idk why and for the last 25 days, no servers gained, I was so sad.

But on july 12th, It got approved for top.gg and you won't believe what happened, My bot went to trending section of top.gg and then it gained over 400 servers in matter of 5 days, it gained about 20 servers every day and it still does at this point, I never thought my bot will become so famous and reach 1000+ servers.

Thank you all for showing your love for my bot even in bad times.