The Most Common error you will get ever get are following

Their fixes will be mentioned along

Cannot Read property id of undefined

This can be a frequent error

It occurs if you haven't entered all the arguments of the command like not mentioning user during mute or other commands

Bot not responding

This is rare issue

This can occur if bot just restarted due to crashing or due to discord asking us to reconnect This can also occur if bot crashes immediately when command is run. This can also occur if bot is not having permissions to chat. Or in pokemon command if it is unable to find the pokemon

Msg is undefined

We have got reports of this issue but we need your guys help

If you get this error while running a command kindly report join our discord server , ping me as soon as possible telling when the error occured ie on running which command.

Unexpected token , in JSON

This is temporary error

It occurs when running the appstore/playstore command. We are trying to fix it pls be patient

Returning an object

This is very very rare and will most probably never be faced by you

If you face it report to our support server. In this issue bot will say something like [ONJECT PROMISE] etc...

Bot' disablecmd command not working

This is also rare issue

It occurs when running the disablecmd command like this - s!disablecmd and getting no response But if you run it currectly - s!disablecmd #channel then it will work!